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Colorful Woolen and Hemp Scarf.


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75''X8'' in size.

These scarves are made by home knitters (women) in Nepal with traditional techniques and high-quality wool yarn.

These are a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

They are unisex and versatile, perfect to use as a fashion accessory that matches with all kinds of outfits. The scarves can be styled in different ways or simply used as a shawl. The fact that they are handmade by home knitters gives them a unique and special quality.

They are warm and cozy, perfect for the cold winter months.

As a gift, woolen scarves are a thoughtful and practical choice that shows you care about the person's warmth and comfort.

By buying these scarves, you are supporting the livelihoods of local women in Nepal who may have limited access to economic independence, and helping to promote their economic independence.

You can learn more about your efforts to support these artisans by visiting your website's blog.

Note* due to variations in color resolution on different devices, the actual product may have a slight color change compared to what is seen on the screen.

    Hand knit Wool and hemp scarf. Craft. Handmade product. Nepali product.

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